Corumbela is situated on top of a hill with the backdrop of the Sierra Tejeda.

The most important monument in Corumbela, without doubt, is the church with its Mudéjar style minaret (a turret found on Mohammedan mosques). The church possesses all the characteristics found in mosques.From the picture it is possible to see how well the church has been preserved over time. It is made of thick stone slabs crossed by lines of bricks. Inside it is very well preserved and we almost expect to hear the call of the Almuecín when he summons worshippers to prayer!

Another place to visit in Corumbela is the one of "Las 3 Fuentes" (3 fountains), a place where the crystalline, natural and clear waters runs over the falls. It is in this place where in the old times people came to collect natural drinking water. All visitors will find this the perfect place to rest and refresh ready to continue their journey. They are located on the outskirts of the village, on the sandy road passed the football ground on the way to Finca Almendra and Sayalonga.

The local food is very rich and varied, in particular the "Potaje de Hinojos" (fennel stew) washed down with "Vino del Terreno" (the local wine). The "morcillas" (black puddings) are very good as is the "Pan elaborado en horno de leña como antaño" (bread baked in a traditional wood fired oven. In the village you will find few shops, bar, supermarket, and a bakery where you can get this typical bread

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